Serenety 23"x23"
Starting on the ipad mini for this next piece.
Working on a new piece in the Curl Power series.
Pet Portraits 16"x17" wood burning. Completed on Commission.

American Shorthair
American Pitbull Terrier
A mini collection of 16"x17" wood burnings.


Currently working on my next body of wood burning.
Fan Art of a Hayao Miyazaki classic 
My Neighbor Totoro

I am still working on this guy.
Some lucky people got one of these in the mail.

Cat party?

A couple of characters I am working on. Turtle guy up there is developing into a panel comic. Little Missy down there is waiting to be an art print.

I just printed and cut these today. I guess I will be spending the night addressing and stamping these babies. Good thing I don't have to wait in line at the post office.

I have plenty. Shoot me your address if you want me to send you one.