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Please, let me introduce...

Liberty Pierson is a visual artist and educator. She has been a professional working artists and graphic designer for over 15 years, creating work for clients such as Strong for All Economy, Coit Tower, Lookout! Records, and Vallejo Food and Art Walk. Ms. Pierson obtained her A.S. Degree from Brooks College in 2005 and studied illustration and art education at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, Ny from 2009-2012. Since returning to the California in 2014 she has exhibited work across the Bay Area. Most recently her paintings focus on portraying images of underrepresented parts of our society. To pursue her passion for teaching she begun hosting workshops and summer camps for youth. With an eclectic background of studies in the visual arts she is able to help students feel comfortable experimenting with mediums such as screen printing, wood burning, and collage.

Liberty Pierson also works as the Artist Coordinator for the Vallejo Food and Art Walk and Art Teacher at Vallejo Charter Schools. She has a deep appreciation for her community and environment. She feels strongly that art is a vital part of the scholastic curriculum. So, that each child has an opportunity to find that special way to express themselves.